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At New Directions Psychology our mission is to provide high quality, accessible psychologist services in Brisbane and Ipswich to improve the wellbeing and life satisfaction of individuals and families facing challenging times at different points in their lives.

seuss2While life is full of pleasant experiences and joy, in the wise words of Dr Seuss: “Sadly, it’s true, that bang ups and hang ups can happen to you”. It is part and parcel of the human experience to face tough times and pain and to learn how to overcome these challenges.

The team at New Directions Psychology can assist you in these times of challenge to overcome barriers, create opportunities, and bring about positive wellbeing and connection with meaningful living.

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We provide a broad range of psychological therapies in the Brisbane and Ipswich area. Our highly qualified clinicians are dedicated to helping you overcome many psychological and mental health issues including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Eating disorders
  • Substance abuse
  • Post-traumatic stress disorders
  • Phobias
  • Chronic pain
  • And many other clinical and non-clinical conditions

  • Choose New Directions

    We bring an exceptionally high standard of service to help you take charge of your wellbeing and live a healthy, confident and balanced life. At New Directions we always provide:

    Professional and experienced clinical psychologists: All our clinicians are fully qualified with post-graduate Doctoral or Masters Level of training, or equivalent in psychology.

    We are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, which sets the standards and policies for registered health practitioners and regulates them to protect the public. All our psychologists are formally recognised as Specialist Clinical Psychologists by both Medicare Australia and the Australian Psychological Society.

    We are experienced in a diverse range of empirically validated therapies and treatments, and have worked with individuals and groups of all ages in both hospital and community settings. Our professional team of clinicians has also worked in teaching, research and supervision within the field of psychology and we are always striving towards further professional development so that we can provide the most effective practices to all our clients. A safe, secure environment: Your confidentiality and privacy is ensured at our clinics, and we do everything we can to maintain a warm, friendly and non-judgemental environment. Individualised approaches to therapy: With such a diverse range of clinical experience, we can tailor your therapeutic treatment to your individual need and circumstances.

    Therapy is developed collaboratively to address individually targeted goals to allow you to always get the most out of your treatment. Collaborative relationships: Our aim is to work both with you and referring professionals to ensure all parties are involved in the process of therapy. We want you to feel informed and involved the whole way through, and to make sure your treatment is a collaborative effort towards successful outcome. Affordability: We firmly believe that professional psychological services should be easily accessible to everyone, and that cost should not be a factor in preventing you from seeking help. This is why we offer affordable standard and concessional rates for all our services, as well as personalised payment plans and bulk billing at the discretion of the clinic. Further information about our rates, as well as the Medicare and private health fund rebates available, can be found below.
  • Our Services

    We provide an extensive range of high quality psychological services for clients of all ages. These services include:

    Individual therapy Group therapy Psychologist supervision(as part of attaining or maintaining formal registration and ongoing professional development requirements)

    All our therapy sessions are structured in line with your individual goals and progress. If you’re new to therapy and not sure what to expect, have a look at our What to Expect page for more information or contact our friendly team.

    Programs and Workshops

    Our specially designed workshops and group programs are available both on their own and in addition to your individual therapy sessions. We carefully develop our programs based on evidence-based models of psychotherapy, to help clients work through difficulties and improve well-being in a helpful and positive setting.  

    They are delivered by a dedicated clinical psychologist in an intensive 1 day or 2 ½ day workshop format, or a more progressive 4-8 week workshop format.

    Our workshops and group programs include:

    Mindfulness-Based Workshops to teach you how to apply a variety of mindfulness and awareness techniques to your everyday life. These techniques and skills will better equip you to handle the more challenging situations you encounter, as well as improve your day-to-day wellbeing and coping with issues such as stress and chronic pain. The focus of these workshops is to help you develop your ability to bring awareness and attention to the present moment to recognise automatic and unhelpful ways of reacting to life events and unpleasant internal experiences, and ‘step out of’ these patterns (“automatic pilot”) to respond more calmly and helpfully.  Mindfulness allows us greater perspective and the ability to respond to events and difficult experiences with greater choice and control. We also help you generate more self-compassion and connection with your experiences.

    Stress Management Workshops to increase your skills in coping with stress and stress-related difficulties. Stress manifests itself in physical and psychological distress which many people   find challenging to manage in a healthy way. We provide effective skills training in how to manage these symptoms and contributing life pressures, to reduce feeling overwhelmed and powerless. These workshops are tailored to different age and developmental groups.

    ACT Wellbeing Workshops to teach you how to deal compassionately with painful experiences in your life, so that they have less impact and influence over you and your life. These workshops draw on mindfulness-based approaches to help you accept the things that are out of your control, and activities to reconnect with what’s important to you so that you can improve your wellbeing and enrich your life. When you can apply these concepts and skills to your everyday life, you will be able to step back from a focus on ‘problems’ and struggle with unhelpful patterns of thinking and difficult emotions, and turn focus to your values and taking action towards connecting with these values and enriching your life. .

    Positive Parenting Program Workshops to help you raise healthy and well-adjusted children with the necessary skills to handle challenging situations in life. The ‘Triple P’ system of parenting skills will teach you how to encourage positive behaviour in your children, as well as develop effective strategies for managing behavioural problems. The focus of these workshops is to develop positive parenting attitudes and behaviour, and improve family units by promoting healthy and caring relationships between parents and their children.

    Professional Supervision

    Cognitive Assessment

  • Who We Can Help

    A qualified clinical psychologist can help people of all ages and with varying types of psychological and mental health conditions. At New Directions Psychology we are dedicated to providing a high standard of effective psychological care. Some of the most common conditions we treat include, but are not limited to:  

    Anxiety can range from worry, feeling on-edge and nervous, to panic attacks and heightened fear.  If you are experiencing high levels of anxiety that is getting in the way of your day to day living and wellbeing, it is recommended that you seek professional treatment. We provide effective therapeutic treatments for anxiety such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

    Depression can have a severely negative impact on your life and the lives of others around you. But you can recover from depression and prevent a relapse with the correct professional treatment, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

    Stress can be very difficult to manage on your own, and if you are feeling strongly overwhelmed or pressured by stressful situations in your life, you should seek the help of a psychologist. We can teach you effective techniques and change behaviours to help you manage your stress and deal with it in a healthy and constructive way.  

    Eating disorders manifest themselves in a number of ways, such as strict control over eating, maintaining an abnormal and unhealthy low body weight, excessive exercising, binge eating and forced vomiting. We provide evidence-based treatments for all types of eating disorders, so you can move forward with your life with a positive body image. 


  • Our Approaches to Therapy

    All of our clinical psychologist Brisbane and Ipswich are trained and experienced in a broad range of evidenced based therapy approaches, designed to treat varying clients struggling with different psychological and mental health issues at different stages in their life. We tailor a therapy approach for each client according to their individual conditions and circumstances.

    Meet our team and read more about their therapeutic experience and approaches here

    The most common therapeutic approaches include:

    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT): This approach is focused on changing unhelpful and negative patterns of thinking into more constructive thought patterns, that help you to reduce distressing emotions and adopt more adaptive behavioural responses to different situations. CBT assists you to learn how to respond effectively to stress and challenges and increase your capacity to cope with them, through skill building and behavioural strategies such as problem solving, goal setting, relaxation and breathing skills, activity scheduling and social skills.

    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has been used to effectively treat many different types of clinical and non-clinical conditions such as anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, substance abuse, stress, low self-esteem, anger, chronic pain and fatigue.

    Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT): This mindfulness-based approach teaches practical skills and concepts to help you stop struggling with pain by focusing less on unhelpful thought patterns and difficult emotional and physical experiences, and instead focusing on the present moment and the things you really value in your life. It is an active therapy approach that helps you change the way you relate and react to emotional pain and enhances your capacity to gain satisfaction from your life

    Acceptance and Commitment Therapy has demonstrated benefit for individuals, couples and groups such as depression, anxiety, health and life adjustment issues, eating and body esteem issues, chronic pain and substance abuse.

    Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT): Interpersonal psychotherapy aims to alleviate suffering while improving your interpersonal functioning. It is concerned with the interpersonal factors that contribute to the development and maintenance of distress. IPT focuses specifically on interpersonal relationships, with the goal of assisting you to either improve your relationships or else change your expectations about them.

    IPT also helps you build your social supports and skills so that you can manage yourself better through times of interpersonal distress like periods of increased relationship conflict, grief and loss issues, and life and role transitions. IPT can be used to treat mood disorders such as depression, but also Bipolar, anxiety conditions such as PTSD abd social phobia, and eating issues, namely Bulimia Nervosa and binge eating. 

    Schema Therapy: This integrated approach teaches you to change long-standing negative patterns (or schemas) in the way you think, feel and behave. It will help you target your self-defeating patterns of dysfunctional thoughts and feelings that typically develop early in life and stay with you through to adulthood, and give you the tools to recognise and replace them with healthier alternatives.

    Schema Therapy has been effectively used to treat a wide spectrum of chronic, difficult and characterological problems including substance abuse, depression, eating disorders, behavioural problems and more.

    Behavioural Parenting Training (BPT): This approach teaches constructive parenting skills and techniques for improving children’s behavioural problems such as aggression, defiance, hyperactivity and temper tantrums. Learn how to reduce disruptive behaviour in your children through positive reinforcement and behaviour shaping, and improve their emotional wellbeing and development.

    Behavioural Parenting Training is also an effective approach to manage more severe childhood disruptive behaviours such as oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), conduct disorder (CD), and other childhood-onset conditions like attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Autistic Spectrum Disorders. 

  • Fees and Rebates

    We aim to make all our psychologists in Brisbane and Ipswich as affordable and accessible as possible. A standard 45-60 minute session with one of our Clinical Psychologists is $182.00. The recommended fee set by the Australian Psychological Society as at July, 2018, is $251.

    Medicare rebates are available for clients referred by a medical professional under a Mental Health Treatment Plan, and most private health funds also offer a rebate. Contact your health fund to find out the specific details of your plan and how much you are entitled to.

    In addition, we also offer concessional rates and bulk billing to current Health Care Card holders, and personalised payment plan options for clients in genuine financial hardship. 

If you are in crisis or have a mental health emergency and require immediate assistance:

Phone the Ambulance Service - 000
Visit your local hospital emergency department
Call or visit your local mental health service
Contact your local GP