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Dr Annette Watson-Luke

Clinical Psychologist

BA Hons, PhD (Clin) Clinical Psychologist

Annette first developed an interest in helping others when she trained as a nurse after finishing school over 35 years ago. Since then, she has gone on to study psychology at the University of Queensland and gained experience in a variety of settings including hospitals, community clinics and private practice. Following a Bachelor of Arts with Honors, Annette completed a combined Masters coursework program and Doctorate in the field of clinical psychology. She gets great satisfaction working with people to find ways to reduce distress, cultivate acceptance, overcome challenges and optimize their wellbeing.


Annette uses a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy framework but draws heavily on aspects of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, and Schema Therapy, depending on the needs of her clients.  Client collaboration, and crafting an approach matched to each individuals’ needs and strengths is essential to her practice. Self Compassion, Positive Psychology and emotional regulation tools feature frequently in her approach.


In recent years, Annette has chosen to focus her work and ongoing professional development on working with people aged 17 and over. She has a broad range of experience in helping with the many different challenges that life brings including acute and chronic health conditions, work and study problems, relationship and sexual difficulties, grief and loss, and mental health problems such as stress, anxiety, depression and trauma. Annette particularly enjoys working with neuro diverse people.

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