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Dr Kristy Sippel

Clinical Psychologist, Health Psychologist

B Arts, B Arts (Psych) (Hons), D Psych (Clinical & Health) MAPS

Psychology Board of Australia approved Supervisor (Clinical Psychology)

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Kristy has experience in providing successful evidence-based psychological treatment to a wide range of child, adolescent, and adult clients. The presenting problems for these clients have included a number of mental health conditions and psychosocial issues such as: depressive and anxiety-related difficulties; stress; trauma and abuse; parenting and behavioural difficulties; relationship difficulties; low self-esteem; chronic pain and disease; grief and loss; and issues of adjustment and change.

Although Kristy works within a range of therapeutic frameworks, she primarily practises cognitive-behavioural and mindfulness-based therapies. In addition, Kristy is particularly passionate about using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to assist clients to work their way through their current difficulties and move towards living a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Kristy has facilitated several group programs for children, adolescents, and adults that have addressed a wide variety of psychological, emotional, and behavioural problems, including: anger management; self-esteem; mindfulness; Acceptance and Commitment Therapy; chronic pain management; and parenting (Triple P – Positive Parenting Program).

Kristy has an interest in child and adolescent mental health; trauma and abuse; depressive and anxiety disorders in children, adolescents, and adults; chronic pain and disease; weight management; parenting; and adjustment to pregnancy and motherhood.

In addition to clinical practice, Kristy highly values ongoing engagement in professional development, in order to continue extending her knowledge of psychology in general and her skills in a number of therapeutic frameworks.

Kristy is registered as both a Clinical Psychologist and a Health Psychologist after having completed her Professional Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Health Psychology through the University of Queensland. Additionally, Kristy is registered with the Psychology Board of Australia (PBA), a Member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS), and a Member of the APS College of Clinical Psychologists and APS College of Health Psychologists.

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