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Psychological services for people in rural and remote areas

In the 2017-18 Federal Budget, the Australian Government announced funding to enable Australians living or working in rural and regional Australia to access psychological therapy via video conferencing by expanding the Medicare ‘Better Access’ initiative. This new scheme was referred to as telehealth services.

What is Telehealth?

A telehealth service is a psychological therapy service that is delivered via video conference, which requires both a visual and audio link be established between a patient and their treating allied health professional and/or by telephone. Telehealth services can be delivered by suitably qualified allied health professionals, including clinical psychologists.

Under the relevant Medicare items of the Better Access initiative:

  • eligible patients can access all consultations through video conferencing preferably and/or via telephone


Psychological Services via TELEHEALTH under Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) items and other Third Party Referrals

As of 13th December 2021, The Federal government has committed $106 million over four years to support permanent telehealth services, ensuring greater flexibility to patients and doctors for the delivery of  health care; allowing GPs, specialists, and allied health professionals to continue to consult with their regular patients by phone or online.

The items include videoconference or via phone  consultations and services, which can be provided by psychologists, GPs, specialists, consultant physicians, consultant psychiatrists, nurse practitioners and other allied mental health workers for the whole population and will be bulk billed for those that meet current eligibility criteria.

Clients under DVA (with pre-approval), and WORKCOVER referrals and attending under NDIS funding arrangements are also able to continue with and access psychological therapy via videoconference or telephone consult (dependent upon third party guidelines).

Please contact the clinic on 3376 1977 or via email if you require further information for accessing ongoing and new psychological services under these referrals and/or as a private paying client.

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